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       Transporting super-heavy goods or transporting oversized goods is no longer a difficult problem that machinery manufacturers and equipment suppliers have to worry about. With many years of experience in multimodal transportation of national key projects, with modern equipment and vehicles, an experienced team, JNR Logistics is committed to delivering goods safely and on schedule.

          Depending on the type of item, size, the weight of the goods, delivery location, delivery time, there will be different prices. However, at JNR Logistics, we always guarantee our customers the most competitive, most suitable price, and always lower than the shipping market.


* Concrete structure, steel structure, overpass girder, open-top container, Flat Rack container.
* Industrial tanks, boilers, combustion chambers, batching plant silos, crane girders, stone crushers, stone mills, corrugated iron mills.
* Industrial equipment, import and export machinery, iron and steel structures, power plant propeller turbines, transformers.
* Mechanical machinery such as excavators, excavators, road rollers, wheel loaders, barges, bulldozers, crane trucks, pile presses, robots, tower cranes.
* Steel coil, steel beam, steel plate, profiled steel, prefabricated house frame, workshop frame.


1. When receiving the customer's need to transport goods, the operator of the switchboard will transfer the phone to the sales department in charge of contacting the customer.
2. Communicate clearly about the items to be transported: Type of goods, size, tonnage, location, delivery time. The two sides will clearly exchange information about the goods.
3.  Our company will send people to survey the actual goods, survey the route...
4. Once you have agreed on the price, shipping time, then proceed to make a contract to transport the goods.
5. Carry out shipping.